If you are interested in owning a miniature pitbull,make sure that you are prepared.  

Learn effective and positive ways to socialize your puppy,

so that he or she will be nice to family and friends that visit your home.

Pitbulls are often thought

to be very aggressive.  

Their short hair does a very good job showing off its muscles and gives the appearance of being very strong.  

They are actually very confident,

smart and loyal. They are athletic and need to be exercised on a regular basis.  They were originally bred to protect their owners from other dogs.  

Today, the miniature pitbull is very friendly and does very well with its families.  They are not thought to be very good guard dogs because of their soft temperaments.

The miniature usually weighs approximately 22-34 pounds and it is usually 10 to 14 inches tall.  These dogs are expected to live for roughly ten to twelve years. They have short, smooth hair and are usually solid in color, although it is not unheard of to find one that does have a pattern to their hair color.  Their eyes can vary in color, but they are never blue.